The Issue Of North Korea

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The majority of the people who live in the United States and elsewhere around the world, have no idea the extent of freedom we have in comparison to some. Living in North America, where freedom runs through the veins of our constitution, it is hard to imagine a world more restrictive than our own. Things that we take for granted, such as access to the internet, are not available under the same circumstances in North Korea as they are here. North Korea is the number one most censored country on the planet, and their strict limitations placed on Internet usage accounts for most of that ranking, is commonly referred to as a media monopoly and a “mosquito net,” because of the intense control over the information that goes in and out of the country.
The current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, with the help of the former leaders, have completely re-programmed the Internet as we know it in order to make it virtually impossible for their citizens to gain outside information. The country is filled with propaganda, even in places where it’s citizens least expect it. For example, something as subtle as the font size of Kim Jong Un’s name is different. Anytime Kim Jong Un’s name is mentioned online, the font of his name is slightly bigger than all of the text around it. Similarly, instead of a computer screen reading the year “2012” it reads the year “101”- which represents the number of years since the birth of Kim Jong-Il Sung, the country’s former leader. The government is…

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