The Issue Of Over Education

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OVER EDUCATION IN THE UK Every graduate hopes to secure a job worth the time and the education that he/she has. However, this is not the case in the UK job market. In the recent times, there has been a high number of graduates who cannot secure jobs worth their educational investment. The situation may affect the psychology of students since there is diminishing motivation to pursue higher education. Although it is difficult to measure the level of over educated employees, there is a valid claim of over education in the UK. Over education is a direct measure between the appropriateness of a job and the academic qualifications that an individual has. So far, it is an evident fact that investing in education does not reflect on the wages from employment. Over-education is the situation where an individual or an employee regards the academic qualifications as higher than the job being done. Employees often opt for jobs that are below their qualification due to a better alternative. UK continues to witness a growing number of university students (Mayhew, Deer, & Dua, 2004). Various policy makers continue to debate whether UK needs any more graduates due to the current situation of over-educated graduates in the market. In the 1980s, more than 39 percent of the graduates did not get a graduate level job upon completion. More than six years later, majority of them still had not acquired a graduate job. These statistics are among few of those that have been
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