The Issue Of Overweight Aircraft

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Summary Airlines have become concerned with the issue of overweight aircraft. The average weight of passengers has increased by 3 kg for females and 5 kg for males, meaning aircraft could exceed their floor loading limit. Certain aspects must be considered before a solution is chosen. It must comply with all laws and pose no risk to passengers. Discrimination must not occur and the reputation of the airline must not be risked. The solution must be easily implemented on existing aircraft with a reasonable cost and have no extra impact on the environment, either as the recyclability of materials or carbon dioxide emissions. Also, the materials must be carefully selected, especially to meet the flammability standards. Research has found that…show more content…
No risks should be taken and passengers must have appropriate space that does not cause discomfort or prevent evacuation. Also, there should be no discrimination. Customer satisfaction is important to an airline, who is competing in the industry. Overall, the solution must be time effective and something that an airline can implement on existing aircraft, losing minimal profit. In addition, the environmental impact must be considered. When aviation constitutes 2% of the total recorded carbon dioxide emissions annually, this should not be taken lightly (Čokorilo, 2016). Similarly, the end life of the new seat must be considered and how the materials can be recycled. The Selected Solution A way of reducing the total weight, without changing the specifications of the aircraft, is too shed unessential weight. Either the weight already on the aircraft could be shed or the weight coming onto the aircraft. Specifically, the interior of the aircraft could be fitted with lightweight seats. Test According to research, the weight of a Quadra branded seat can be reduced by 36%. It weighs 14 kg, and reducing it by 36% means that 5 kg is lost. (Kokorikou, Vink, de Pauw & Braca, 2016). This compensates for the increase in weight. However, this solution costs to develop and implement, but makes sense when considered alongside the extra cost for fuel and the extra pollution. For example, by shedding 1
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