The Issue Of Pay Reimbursement In Healthcare

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Review of the literature identifies the issue of fair pay for similar work has been an issue for some time. According to Grey (2013, par. 7) the pay parity for NP and PA became an issue when two insurance carriers dropped reimbursing rates for NP and PA by 50%. On March 1. 2013 NP and Physician Assistants (PA) who run private practices reported they were struggling to maintain their business because of the lower rates paid by insurers (Grey, 2013, par. 8). Mccarger (2017, p. 15) discusses how payment parity is strongly opposed by medicine, and is primarily historical in nature. Advanced practice nurses still need to justify their value in a historically hierarchical framework of health care where the physician is the chief authority…show more content…
Stanley (2012), The Consensus Model, is recognized as essential for the future of APRN practice (p. 241). Unfortunately, to date only 30% of the U.S. states have adopted the consensus model (APRN, 2008). One recommendation Stanley (2012) makes is for every APRN read and stay informed of the ongoing discussion and implementation of the model over time (p. 243). DNP Practice – Family Nurse Practitioner Chism (2016) illuminates the needs for APRN to advance to the doctorate level of preparation to address the Institute of Medicine (IOM) called for safer health care practices. The DNP level of preparation prepares the APRN to: Evaluate evidence based practices for effectiveness, develop new practices based on scientific research, develop health care policies, lead and manage clinical care and health care systems, develop interdisciplinary standards, resolving health care dilemmas, and help reduce disparities in health care (p.10). Chism (2016) defines the DNP practice as a practice direct patient practice and less on research methodology (p 4). Qualities of DNP preparation as they enhance the NP role DNP preparation aims to provide the APRN a larger view of systems of health delivery. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) states the DNP- FNP is to develop and evaluate care delivery approaches to address current and future needs of patient population using scientific findings not restricted to nursing, but adding from other sciences, as well as
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