The Issue Of Performing Well

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The issue of performing well in college has been a thoroughly debated topic for quite some time now; students and researchers alike have come together to discuss the matter, sharing their ideas and experiences. Whilst I’ve no business fancying myself any manner of expert on the issue, what I’ve come to understand in recent time is the sheer amount of importance one’s attitude truly has when it comes to schoolwork. Though this idea may be dismissed as laughable by some, we can see now perhaps more than ever that a positive, optimistic outlook can not only make college a more manageable, less stressful task, but also a task done well. Personal experience allows me to say one thing with confident clarity: It feels good to feel good. We are, in fact, driven as a species to seek out pleasurable things that can enhance the mood and soothe the mind. Thus, things such as stress and negative thinking are typically seen as unavoidable evils that afflict us all in response to change and burdens of work. However, these things are capable of doing more to us than simply kill our moods and make us crabby; poor attitudes and stress can even cause the quality of our schoolwork to suffer, as noted by APA psychologists Martin M. Chemers, Li-tze Hu, and Ben F. Garcia. With the use of a questionnaire that measured the levels of optimism and self-efficacy (A term that essentially describes one 's confidence in their own abilities.) amongst students from the University of California in Santa
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