The Issue Of Privatization Of Water

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Privatization of Water Of all the water on earth, 97% of it is unusable and undrinkable, which leaves us with a measly 3% of freshwater. But about 2% of the water is polluted or unsafe for us to drink, which allows us to use only 1% of the Earths water. These are astonishing facts, because it seems like we always have water whenever we need it, but we are just the lucky ones. People in India and Bolivia don’t always get water when they want to, and when they do, it is usually unsafe water packed with amoeba, e-coli, and many different diseases. A problem that we have regarding this issue is whether the government should allow private companies to take over the water system. Private companies will bring safer and cleaner water to people,…show more content…
Another reason why water may be polluted is because the prices of water are too low which allows us to abuse and waste it, and use it excessively and incorrectly. As Louie Glinzak said in The Case for Water Privatization, “The study analyzed the prices charged by water utilities in 132 major cities worldwide and found that 39 percent of water utilities had average tariffs that are set too low to cover basic operation and maintenance costs.” We see here that the low prices can’t even cover the expenses of cleaning our water. Unsafe water causes many diseases and even deaths! “12 million people die annually. 3 million children die each year of a water-related disease that could have been prevented” (Segerfeldt). Another large way our water is being affected is by the uses of pesticides, especially atrazine. Atrazine is a herbicide that prevents vegetation from being ruined by insects and it is also used on grass and turf. It is also a chemical that is harmful to humans and other animals. It causes birth defects in many children whose mother was exposed to the chemical and the fetus feeding off of chemical water. And also, it affects frogs! Dr. Tyrone Hayes of Berkley University, “. . . found that atrazine has a number of effects, but most significantly atrazine demasculinizes the exposed male frogs” (Flow). As we see, this product not only harms humans, it also harms other animals vital to our ecosystems. By messing up
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