The Issue Of Pro Life

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Life is extremely precious and is something that should not be taken for granted. The trials each new day brings are exhilarating and capable of bringing one to tears, whether they be out of happiness or sadness. One of the greatest gifts presented to a couple is a child when a woman becomes pregnant. Far too many times, this gift is taken for granted because two people are not married or they do not want the child. In America, there is an on-going argument as to whether or not a pregnant woman, or her close family/friends, should be allowed to make a decision to kill a fetus while it is still forming in the woman’s womb, known as abortion. The pro-life debate ranges from more than just abortion, as it stretches into the “releasing” of…show more content…
While many prevailing themes exist in The Giver, the novel’s rising action and climax center around saving young children that are deemed to be not good enough to live by the elite. In the society presented in The Giver, deliberate killing of individuals the elite members feel are “not worthy” is not considered murder; instead it is considered “release”. The members do everything in their power to ensure that babies are born perfect. They even go as far as to having engineers create the “right” kind of baby, one that fits within the society and is the same as the others. Twins cannot exist in the society, for no two people can look alike. In a lighthearted chapter of the novel, Lowry describes a scene through the lens of pro-life. Two workers in the Nurturing Center are weighing a set of twins, the baby that weighs lower than the other will be “released” from the society. Both of the workers actually joke about this process and place bets on which child they think will “win” the contest. Soon we see what “release” really is when the Giver lets Jonas see the scene of release, which is at the hand of Jonas’ father, a worker in the Nurturing Center. While sticking a long needle in the baby’s forehead, Jonas’ father says, “Bye, bye little guy” in a song voice before killing the baby. This child died because he weighed a little less than his twin brother. As Jonas witnesses the scene, he is horrified, saying, “He killed him!” The
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