The Issue Of Racism : A Great Showing Of Development And Advancement Over Generations Essay

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History has proven that humans have an inability to get out of their own way. When one considers the atrocities and painful terror that our world has seen from our own inhabitants, the question of development and purpose comes into play. For credit, humans are intelligent beings that have stood at the top of the totem pole as dominant figures in nature. Having the ability to birth children, solve complex problems, adapt to various situations, and build better environments to survive are all aspects that support a credible race. However, there has always been a challenge of fighting off natural disasters, diseases, and self-inflicted wounds. As challenges come and go, difficulties are judged on longevity and ability to solve the problem. Humans have a great showing of development and advancement over generations, but one challenge that humans have quite yet to get passed is the issue of racism. Given how long racism has existed and impacted lives in America, it is found that there are many different views, feelings, and perspectives on racism. While some feel that racism is in our past and that people should not hang on to things that they don’t have control over, others feel that there still are discrepancies and unfair practices carried out in our society today. Racism is a world-wide issue, but has predominately served as a stigma that has overshadowed America for over 400 years. Black vs. White, White vs. Black, Us vs. Them. While our generation now may have luxuries

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