The Issue Of Sex Trafficking

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People, in general, believe there is a trafficking issue but that it doesn’t apply to everywhere in the world. The smaller the county, the less of a problem people believe trafficking is but this is not the case. No matter where in the world or the size of the county trafficking is an issue everywhere. Without specific focus on informing students about the risks and reality of this issue in the world, students are being thrown into society unequipped to protect themselves and others from becoming sex slaves. This issue is not one that should be taken lightly. Trafficking around the world is doing anything but decreasing; rates of reported cases have increased, and trafficking rings are growing and spreading quickly. After analyzing students from Westfield High School, it was apparent that there is a reality deficit. Students were unaware of the extensive issues that run alongside cases of sex trafficking along with how at risk minors are, even just in Indiana. Most students believe the laws in Indiana are at least somewhat effective in protecting minors from sex trafficking, when minors are in fact most at risk for becoming victims and are most often victims in trafficking cases. With the majority of males and females saying they had seen or read a news article about sex trafficking it was satisfying to know that some students have been exposed to the reality of trafficking occurring in the world. So, why would students not feel compelled to continue their education on…
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