The Issue Of Sex Workers

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The term sex work gives a negative meaning by itself. Though being a part of the same society they are denied the right to vote and dignity. They are criticized and a considered a stigma and therefore are denied the fundamental right which they are guaranteed to all citizens of India, i.e. right to life, liberty and dignity. They are often the subject of abuse, violation and harassment. It is thought that the sex workers threatens the structure of the family life and are therefore most often ostracized by the society and further, the Society views sex workers as morally corrupt , and thus are considering them guilty and deserving of the abuse and violations.

If no steps are taken to legalize it and issue license then there can be no ways to keep a track on the illegal human trafficking and further to keep a check on their health.

The sex workers in India are vulnerable to abuse, harassment as the Indian law has failed to protect their basic rights.
The laws governing the sex work is the Immoral trafficking (Prevention) Act (ITPA) of 1986 which aims to prevent trafficking in India. It seeks to prevent trafficking of persons in India and further prevents outward manifestations of sex work, including operation of brothel and solicitation of public. Though the object of the Act is to protect the sex workers, it has been seen that this law is used against the sex workers instead of protecting them. The Act does not specifically prohibit sex work, but the
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