The Issue Of Social Media

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A limitation of this project stems from the limited study on this subject. The internet is a relatively new mission field and the internet presents unique challenges with limited case studies to evaluate. As a result, this evangelistic tool is confronted with much reluctance and concern. First, some argue that evangelism should be a face to face encounter and not from the internet. Inviting folks into this new dimension of ministry is very challenging. Additionally, because the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers are less likely to be active on social media, they are harder to convince that social media ministry is a good for the church. “One of the issues surrounding social media is the digital divide because of the lack of knowledge about computers and the lack of access to computers as well as high speed broadband (wifi).” This limits who you can reach with social media and actually creates a digital schism with economic and social barriers. She says, “…the gap between the technological have and have nots becomes deep a deep divide when high-speed broadband is unavailable and inaccessible because of cost.”

Outline of Chapters
In the introduction, I will introduce the problem, elucidate the opportunity, highlight the statement of limitations and describe the purpose of my research.
In chapter one, I will define social media, list the different social media platforms, and acknowledge some critics of the social media.
In chapter two, I will introduce

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