The Issue Of Space Exploration

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The word future, is something that gets thrown around a good bit and why is that? Most think of the future as, what is going to happen tomorrow? A week from now? Or simply, what kind of life will my kids have when they are older? While a smaller few, will ask the question, what does the future look like for Earth and its population? Sure, this could mean living in outer space like some TV shows like to showcase to their viewers, but more importantly is the fact that there are resources and other necessities that can be taken from space to ensure the very livelihoods of every sole on Earth. To make this happen, the United States need to keep funding their space exploration projects to make these fairytales, a reality. Though this process…show more content…
In the 1970s NASA concluded their shuttle program with their last manned trip to the moon. This does not mean that NASA is no longer doing space missions. They are simply refocusing their efforts in areas such as Mars and deeper space missions to make sure their funding is being used properly. As NASA is refocusing, private companies have the goal of providing people with Jupiter-sized banks accounts travel to low-orbit Earth and by exploring areas closer to Earth, such as the moon (Felton). It is very interesting in seeing how the United States goes from getting a man on the moon, exploring outer space, to private companies looking to take regular people to outer space for a price. To begin, Defense of the United States is always at the top of their list and most would think it is from foreign enemies. However, the defense of Earth from debris that floats around in space, and any other threat in space, is something that certainly needs to keep advancing. By increasing the amount of satellites to warn of possible threats and adding defense measures to the satellites such as weapons, can greatly increase the defenses of the United States and all other life on Earth. Though every country should make this a priority, the United States is looked at as a world leader and they need to keep setting the example for other countries. Whether the United States likes it or not, they are always under the microscope, and need
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