The Issue Of Stem Cell Research

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What once was science fiction has become today 's science reality. In this age, one can replicate many types of specific cells, such as blood, brain, tissue or muscle cells from a single stem cell. These stem cells, in theory can be used to heal or replace damage cells in our bodies thus curing us of certain diseases. These stem cells are the basic cells to develop any type of organism and its research is not allowed without incredible controversy. As one might imagine, such potential power has been seen as unethical and violating some of religion 's most fundamental beliefs. "Who are we to play God?" and "At what stage in development is a life considered a life?" are two very common controversies surrounding stem cell research. Despite these controversies, the enormous potential of stem cell research must be considered beneficial to the world of science and medicine. Most of the issues regarding stem cell research revolve around ethics. The debate has been centered upon a life for a life. Religious advocates believe life begins at conception, upon the union of the sperm and the egg. Any destruction of an embryo during harvesting of embryonic stem cells is a direct affront to religious beliefs because retrieval would ultimately lead to the death of an embryo. In early stem cell research, those against argued that stem cell retrieval would ultimately lead to the death of an embryo. Until recently, research focused mainly on embryonic stem cells which involved taking tissue

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