The Issue Of Stem Cell Research

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Catholics are absolutely against embryonic stem cell research. News is already talking about how the Catholics approve for stem cell research but inside of an interview with Catholic News Service Nancy O’Brien wrote: “Declaring that the stem-cell research does not present a conflict between science and religion, the U.S bishops overwhelmingly approved a statement June 13th calling the use of human embryos in such research “gravely immoral” and unnecessary” (O’Brien “Catholic News Service”). As you can see from that message, Catholics are all for the stem cell research however they hate the fact that embryos are involved and are even working up to get that taken care of. This research is honestly going against everything that Catholics believe in. Multiple times inside of this document that was submitted and approved was multiple statements of immoral judgements. One quote inside of this document that really stood out is, “The issue of stem-cell research does not force us to choose between science and ethics, much less between science and religion” (O’Brien “Catholic News Service”). This quote really hit the spot on this view because it has a good point, science and religion are starting to seriously get some tension between them. The more we become technology oriented and the more we find out different ways to do stuff then the more we are going to step on someone’s toes. This quote really hit that by saying that ethics and science don’t go as much together as science and
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