The Issue Of Student Debt

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1. Write a summary of your policy issue that includes the policy or policy issue.
Interest rates are constantly on the rise along with the cost of tuition and the income levels of students are not increasing in order to make ends meet. Therefore, student debt is spreading rampantly across our nation and is becoming a tremendous issue. Student debt is a topic that is relevant in today’s society because it affects such a large portion of the population. Furthermore, it is affecting the country 's economy in many ways. With the accumulation of debt, students are unable to afford to purchase a home, or at times, a brand new car because there is simply no way that they can afford such a large investment while they scramble to pay their loans.
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2. How are stakeholders affected by this issue? In other words, what populations or other entities are affected by or contributing to this issue and how are they affected? How may this issue be affecting populations specific to Florida?
As many would be led to believe, student debt affects the vast majority of young people in this country. According to Daniels, seventy percent of students who have recently graduated are now considered to be under the category of borrowers (2015). In relation to the population, that is a total of forty million people (Daniels, 2015). Unfortunately, many of these students are reaching the point of possibly defaulting on the loans they have accumulated (Daniels, 2015). Although students are now being educated about being very careful when taking out loans, many do not have a choice. Student debt seems like a nonstop revolving door for us young people. The sum of the student loan debt that the population of forty million Americans has is a total of $1.2 trillion in college debt (Student-loan debacle, 2014).
In Florida, the issue of student debt primarily affects students; however, it also affects the state as a whole because it affects the economy and the housing market (Student-loan debacle, 2014).
Additionally, adults over the age of forty are still paying off their student loans and trying to pay off mortgages at the same time (Munarriz, 2014).
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