The Issue Of Student Debt Essay

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Introduction The presidential race is now consuming America. It is mentioned every morning in the news and in every “scroll” through social media. While important topics such a national security, national debt, and international affairs are brought up constantly in the debate spotlight, higher education is a topic less discussed. However, each presidential candidate has a specific, strategic plan to tackle current issues in higher education. The main issue that candidates believe should be addressed includes college costs and how they impact student debt. Each candidate has a different stance on the issue, and each have a plan to move toward solving the issue. This review will cover the current issue of student debt and how that is impacting America, each presidential candidates strategic plan to tackle this issue, a critique of each presidential candidate’s plan, and a reflection of solutions presented. Each candidate running for the 2016 presidency deserves full recognition, this review will focus on the two leading presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
The Issue Student debt in America is the main issue that both Clinton and Trump are fighting to solve. They are both on the same side of the fight; student debt is growing in America and hurting the higher education system (Trump, 2015, Clinton, 2016). However, each candidate has an opposing solution to this crippling problem. Student debt is an extremely relevant and current issue. It effects almost
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