The Issue Of Sustainability Is Much Than Much More Than Just That The Earth 's Population

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The average human being, multiplied by the Earth’s population, would need to have about four Earths just to supply enough resources (Footprint Calculator). Thinking of people around the world, the people of the United States seem to take a lot of their life for granted. Many people when they hear of the polar ice caps melting wave it off and either don’t believe in it or believe it is not their problem. Well it is their problem and if we don’t jump on the issue soon we will not be giving our future generations much of a life. This brings me to the idea of sustainability. A simple description of the word means that what we have today we will also have tomorrow, next week, next year, or even the next lifetime. Although that is the modest version sustainability is much, much more than just that. Sustainability is derived from three main parts of the human life: environmental, social, and economic. Each being just as important as the other. Environmental is the most well-known aspect of sustainability in human life, but both social and economic take their place in keeping this Earth sustainable. The environment is everywhere. From the sky, rivers and ocean, grass and trees to cities, towns, and villages. The environment surrounds us and is a huge part of our life which is why it is so well known that we need to protect it. It provides food, shelter, and water to every living being on the planet. Therefore, if the environment is declining life as we know it will start to as well.
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