The Issue Of Tainted Infant Formula

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INTRODUCTION With an estimated 1.36 billion people within its country the potential for sales is a major pull for our product in China. The 2008 issues of tainted infant formula where melamine adulterant was found in Sanlu, was a surprise and deeply affected the trust of the Chine people and its economy. As a resulted of deaths and other medical related concerns many were hesitant to trust the product and its manufacture. Our aim is to provide a greatly needed service with minimal disruption while claiming safety of consumption to the country. This should guarantee us sales while instilling trust and confidence in our product. Powdered milk would be beneficial to the majority of people in China because of the accessibility and the various nutrients it offers along with shelf life. It is currently being used in the manufacturing of baby formula as well as candy so this dismisses the trial and error phase. The product is and had been made available in situations where countries are in desperate need of nutrients with a lack of storage facilities. All considerations will be geared to avoiding any type of catosphery such as in the case of the one which occurred in the country in 2008. OUTLINE · History o 1802 - First modern production by Russian physician Osip Kirchevshy. o 1832 – The first commercial production of dried milk was organized by the Russian chemist M. Dirchoff. o 1855 – T.S. Grimwade took a patent on a dried milk procedure, though William Newton had

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