The Issue Of Texting Or Phoning While Driving

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Lauren O’Neill
Professor Irwin
23 August 2014
Comm 1 & 2

He was a 22 year old United States Navy Seal ready to be deployed to Iraq. He was willing to sacrifice his life for this country. It wasn’t the war that took him from his family nor was it a bullet or a bomb, it was a text message that read “Where R U?” that ended his life on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It only takes a few seconds to send a text message, but it also only takes a few seconds for a person’s life to be over. As use of cell phones increase, more and more people are experiencing similar incidents. Texting or phoning while driving is a growing and dangerous problem in today’s society. It can lead to accidents causing injury and even death and should be outlawed to all drivers. New laws against texting and driving are being put in place.
Texting has become a great pastime or maybe an obsession. More than one hundred years ago, the way individuals communicated was through mail. This day and age, in the area of communication, text messaging is known as the quickest and most reliable way to get ahold of somebody. Texting is a great way to communicate when someone is unable to answer the phone. It is a simple method of communication that allows someone to send a message to one or more cell phones. It also helps because texting allows for quick replies to questions or quick conversations. People have shortened words and phrases to make texting more efficient. For example, some type, “Where R U?” instead of…

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