The Issue Of The Future

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The future is one of the most uncertain things in the world and a thing that humanity has been trying to figure out for centuries. Humans have never been comfortable with the things they can’t understand. We always want answers, and if we are not able to get them, we invented them. The history of humanity is full of our constant obsession with the future, what will happen to the human race. We know the past or at least some of hit. The future instead has always been a mystery, what can happen, will alien invade us, will the world end because of a nuclear war, or could mother nature get her revenge on us. The truth, well we will have to wait to get it. In the meantime, we have invented a way to imagine what will happen and also a way to shared our point of view of the future with others. Movies and our ambitions of the future have always been on the same side, that’s why every year Hollywood have 10 movies or TV shows based on someone perspective of the human’s future. “Snowpiercer” (2013) is another movie based on the future, on how we will end up destroying each other because of our ambitions, but at the same time is something more, is deeper than the vague future. I definitely like the movie even thought is indeed a movie that belongs to a cycle of movies we have been watching over I may say the past decade. These movies all belong to the same genre, they are futuristic movies based on our destruction. For some strange reason we are obsessed with our extinction, it’s
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