The Issue Of The Gay Rights Movement

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The Gay Rights Movement has come a long way from 1960 through the 1990’s. There were many milestones and important events that occurred and helped to propel rights for this segment of society in a positive direction. Although this is a great thing and I believe there have been many positive advances I continue to believe that we have a long way to go to accomplish equality. The word “equality” has been used a lot over our recent fight for rights but truly believe it is the most accurate term to convey what is so lacking for the GLBT community. As a gay male I have an insight to this fight and the a connection to a community that has been oppressed, looked down on, fought prejudice and hate crimes and continues to fight ignorance and injustice on a daily basis. Children that are gay continue to go through the same shame and anguish that GLBT youth have gone through in the past. They are bullied and beaten by their classmates, neighbors and even their own families.

I am a part of this community and have been connected to this fight since I was able to stand up for myself in my early twenties..

Probably one of the most significant events to start the Gay Rights fight was on January 1, 1962 when Illinois repealed its sodomy laws. It became the first U.S. state to decriminalize homosexuality. Homosexuality was still a punishable offense in every other state in the union at this time. On July 4, 1965 there was a protest at Independence Hall is Philadelphia to

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