The Issue Of The Sex Industry

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The sex industry is controversial issue that has been debated on whether or not to allow the industry to become legal. So what would be the solution to best handle such a problematic profession? On the one hand, many have acknowledged the problems it holds while operating illegally, and believed it would be far more beneficial for prostitutes to allow the sex industry to operate as a legitimate business. On the other hand, however, many who are in opposition to the proposal refuse it from becoming a legitimate business. Those who support this viewpoint believe that it destroys and means women by practicing a profession that many consider to be slavery; yet they lack a solution to end or stunt the growth of current issues that have resulted in the failure of or had little impact on the social problems they were suppose to address. As to where I stand, the belief is made on that the fact one side provides a solution to the primary problem that drove sex workers to such a business while proclaiming to address other problems associated with prostitution. More so to the point, preventing the legalization of prostitution allows the abuse and exploitation of sex workers. In addition to doing so, this neglectment limits the rights of women lowering the total income one can make as well as the protection and security that could be provided if it were a legitimate business. Although, conceding to the fact that whoring one’s self is as equally immoral as it is demeaning, it is also a…

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