The Issue Of The Teen

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Autonomy: This theory is interesting because there was a story about this in the media. I believe it was a few months ago where a young girl refuse chemo. The basics of this story was that a 17 year old teen had a treatable form of cancer but refused treatment. I didn’t look into her decision as to why she refuse chemotherapy but that what she had decided rather it based on her personal beliefs or religion maybe perhaps in some crazy way she doing it for someone else. However, superior court rule against this and I believe force the teen to get treatment. The court states the teen was not competent of making this decision based on her lack maturity. I actually am tore on this story to because I agree with one’s decision making but if I had cancer I would fight till the very end. Nevertheless, everyone has their own views and opinions on this. Confidentiality: This is a very important theory now in days with many people having their personal information stolen every year. Mostly for financial gain but sometimes also to get health care/treatment done. In regards to personal healthcare issues it just common sense to respect others and their privacy in such that one should not talk about a patients diagnosis or treatment other than with that patient or spouse. Sometimes people also keep things to themselves so they don’t bother or worry family members whatever the reasoning behind it, it is up to that patient to release info about themselves not the healthcare professional

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