The Issue Of The United States ' Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

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Our society has achieved a foundational equilibrium within the problems arising from inequalities. With great lengths and through major strides, inequality has been frequently addressed in order to be rectified substantially. The common notion that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Charter), protects the equalities of each and every individual, through state action, whether through judicial, legislative or executive levels has been greatly debated amongst policy makers, law enforcers and law abiders in the criminal justice system (CJS). In order to address this issue more thoroughly, and to understand slavery, one must take into account the complex social and cultural realities that do exist (Tierney, 2007). In essence, literature, studies and cases in the past years have surfaced and set precedent into the spotlight of this debate. The actions focusing on racism is where the core originates. In other words, the majority of the debate comes from the racial issues which created a system of unequal treatment of citizens along the lines of race and ethnicity.

Within the broad scope of this topic of slavery, the focus will be specified on the history, theory and economic implications. The reason is because racism is the main question and/or status quo to this issue. History has literally paved the way and caused the inequalities for the slavery debate. Hence, the arguments put forth will be that the evidence for the existence of slavery is sufficient, however,…

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