The Issue Of The United States ' Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

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Our society has achieved a foundational equilibrium within the problems arising from inequalities. With great lengths and through major strides, inequality has been frequently addressed in order to be rectified substantially. The common notion that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Charter), protects the equalities of each and every individual, through state action, whether through judicial, legislative or executive levels has been greatly debated amongst policy makers, law enforcers and law abiders in the criminal justice system (CJS). In order to address this issue more thoroughly, and to understand slavery, one must take into account the complex social and cultural realities that do exist (Tierney, 2007). In essence, literature,…show more content…
Therefore, the purposes of this paper will cover the following. Firstly, it will provide clarity for the definition of racism and slavery. Secondly, it will determine whether research and theories explain the history. Thirdly, it will propose explanations and answers. Lastly, this paper will assess a few economic examples. In accordance with the rise of the free and modern world, a growing view for the abolition of the American slave trade has been viewed with remarkable success. Thus the revolution has been evident within the past fifty years as slavery is no longer accepted and considered the norm. Due to many underlining factors, the status quo has now changed due to economic and emotional factors. How incredible it is to note the extent for the abolition of slavery in North American evidently exposes the changes of millions of Africans and visible minorities who were once under law traditionally treated as slaves. This was evident in the work place and even in the domestic lives as they were considered property for the majority of the whites within the ruling class. Evidently, under the microscope of a Marxist redirect a change that affects a person’s entire identity has been welcomed by society. Slaves vs Owners and Owners vs the State were created in which the
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