The Issue Of The United States Congress

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Today, 27 million slaves exist in the world. Many think slavery ended in 1865, but slavery has been going on forever. Not just 27 million people live in slavery; it is estimated more than 4.5 million are trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally (“Sex Trafficking in the U.S….”). In 1850, the height of slavery in the Americas for the production of tobacco and cotton, the United States Census showed 3 million slaves included in the population (DeBow 82). Most know about the 3 million slaves that once existed in the United States, but the current 27 million remain unknown to most. Those 27 million are hidden in the shadows of brothels, factories, rock quarries, and massage parlors; if the United States does not do something about it now,…show more content…
So this raises the question, is using forced labor acceptable if it is for the overall good of the company, customers, and economy? The International Labor Organization defines forced labor as “all work or service, which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which said person has not offered himself voluntarily.” ("Understanding the Role of Labor Recruiters….”). Apple used forced labor; they faced many problems in 2012 dealing with forced labor and awful working conditions. Workers in Apple factories received pay for only a part of the time they worked, and the pay given was only about $1 an hour. Workers described the conditions as “excessive overtime without a single day off a week, living together in crowded dorms and exposure to dangerous chemicals, and standing so long our legs swell where we can’t walk after a 24-hour shift” (Duell). Apple threatened to fire employees if they left a 24-hour shift, even though by law, employees cannot work more than a 12 hour shift. On top of the threat of a worker losing their jobs, Apple also did not pay workers for their excessive, overtime hours. Therefore, Congress needs to pass legislation that requires companies to address human trafficking, so customers can make informed decisions and companies can take strides towards fair trade. When customers
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