The Issue Of The United States Of Disaster During The Last Eight Years

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Does anyone remember the Republican predictions of disaster during the last eight years? They warned us what could happen if Obama was elected President and if Congress was controlled by Democrats. Let me list my personal top ten: 1. The Second Amendment will be abolished and all guns will be confiscated. 2. Legal gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage and our country. 3. The Affordable Care Act will create "Death Panels". 4. Gas prices will soar over $5 or even up to $10 a gallon. 5. Repealing "Don 't Ask, Don 't Tell" will destroy our military. 6. Our homeland will be attacked by Al- Qaeda again. 7. The ACA will kill jobs. 8. The auto bailout will destroy that industry. 9. Raising the minimum wage will destroy…show more content…
4. Families of illegal immigrants will be rounded up and deported which means that American citizens will be forced to leave as well as illegals. 5. A wall will be built on our southern border using funds taken from departments other than Homeland Security. After Mexico refuses to pay for it, Trump then sells advertising space on the wall in both English and Spanish. 6. The KKK will stage a march in Washington D.C. to celebrate Trump 's inauguration. Incidents of violence against minorities soar. 7. At Trump 's urging Congress passes new laws restricting free speech and freedom of the press that are upheld by the Supreme Court stripping away the last remnants of the first amendment. 8. Congress will pass a law outlawing Gay marriage. Another bill outlawing interracial marriage fails to make it to the House floor. 9. The EPA will be abolished and any funding for research into climate change will be denied. Water and air pollution increase exponentially. America backs out of the Paris Climate Agreement. 10. Real wages decline, more wealth becomes concentrated at the top of our society thanks to new tax laws, and the middle class continues to shrink. There is one thing that I wanted to include, but it 's external to our country so I didn 't mention it in my top ten because it involves foreign policy. I really do fear unchecked Russian expansion during a Trump

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