The Issue Of Tobacco Advertising

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The issue of how tobacco companies try to influence teenagers into adulthood to consume tobacco was further highlighted in a legal case in the US that resulted in a ban on certain adverts that were said to attract the young into smoking Camel cigarettes.
The supporters made a strong argument on the financial contribution of the tobacco industry to the Indian economy, in that they showed that not only the profits made in tax were low, but the spending made on health as a result of smoking, surpassed the tax profits by one third of the tax revenue. In regards to lost jobs as a result of decreased sales of tobacco products, it was claimed that a study found that there was a good chance for job creation, as consumers will shift their money to other industries that require more workers than the tobacco industry.
Supporters of the ban used a research made by the World Bank which highlighted the positive results a total ban on tobacco advertising had in other countries across the world. The same results were found by the UK government and these were presented by the supporters to strengthen their case. Another robust piece of evidence was a research by the International Union against Cancer that clearly showed a slump in tobacco use of 14 to 37% following a total ban of tobacco advertising. These reliable scientific pieces of evidence clearly showed that a ban on advertising of tobacco products does work.
Arguments in opposition of the ban on tobacco advertising in India
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