The Issue Of Toxic Air Pollution

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Toxic Air Pollution I. Introduction to the issue Today we face a major threat: global warming. People polluting the air constantly get so blinded by their own greed that they do not tend to realize what they have created. Our society runs on fossil fuels as a source of power, and as we continue to abuse the use of nonrenewable resources, we harm the Earth’s climate. Humans have made the biggest contribution to global warming, and the dangers will only get worse if nothing gets done. Our various toxic activities, such as working at power plants, drilling up natural gases and oil, and deforestation all emit greenhouse gases into the air, and because of these omissions large bodies of ice and oceans, the wildlife, and people 's health will continue to get harmed extremely unless governments worldwide gets together and place a ban on greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2045. II. Definition/Historical Context for your issue Earth’s temperature has always increased for millions of years. In the past, the Earth’s temperature has changed due to natural causes; however, the rate has rapidly increased ever since we got introduced to the industrial revolution in the 1800s. The growth of factories, transportation, and also the discovery of fossil fuels was a major achievement for the human population. Without knowing the consequences that would come along, people continued to expand these industries. An increasing level of greenhouse gases, such as water vapor, nitrous
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