The Issue Of Turning Back The Boat People

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REASEARCH 1. Explain the issue. ANS: The issue of turning back the boat people is one of the most important and grossing issues from recent decades and Govt. of Australia has taken an undeniably secure stand on the issue of refugees who endeavour to land in Australia by watercraft (Hasmath & McKenzie 2013). Some people says government should consider the needs of people coming by boat as they have reached here after risking their lives and facing a lot of difficulties but some says that these people don’t have any right to live in Australia as they came here with an illegal way. People against the boat people are mainly adult Australian as compared younger people (Laughland-Booy, Skrbis, &Tranter 2014). The effect on the Australian mind has been critical, with half of people of Australia in general seeing this issue as more than or just as essential as different important issues e.g. education, etc. It is no big surprise then that the legislature is investing an exorbitant measure of time and cash on the matter (Shad 2012). 2. Define the key terms. ANS: BOAT PEOPLE A term utilized as a part of the media and somewhere else to portray shelter seekers who land by pontoon or endeavour to touch base by vessel without power to enter Australia. DIAC utilizes the term 'unapproved vessel landings ' or 'unlawful watercraft entries ' (Parliament of Australia 2012) ASYLUM SEEKERS Those individuals who have left their homeland or country because they have been persecuted on
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