The Issue Of Urbanization And Rebalancing The Ecosystem Within Sparksville

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2. Introduction
This presentation will focus on the issue of urbanization and rebalancing the ecosystem within Sparksville. We will explore the consequences of urbanization and the lack of land management planning that presented the problem seen in Sparkville with the prairie dog. We will also talk about the steps that Sparksville took to restore the ecosystem and harmony amongst the residents and the ecosystem. We will also take a look at how the renewed balance invited tourism as well increased industrialization.
3. Urbanization and the Environment
Urbanization brings about a new set of problems to the environment. These problems include air pollution and land pollution. As new builds and roads are built the ability of soil to absorb
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The results of urbanization showed a lack of land management skills by the city of Sparksville.
5. Population Growth
Population growth, urban and native species, can have negative impacts on the environment (Chiras, D.D., 2013). An increase of urbanization without proper land management allows for the ecosystem to be thrown out of balance, as well as over use of natural resources (Chiras, D.D., 2013). As with the prairie dogs, predators were scared off by the increased population and fled. As a result, the prairie dog’s natural selection ceased to exist and over population by the prairie dog began. As the prairie dog population began to out grow the nature preserve, they began to infringe upon the population of Sparksville causing illness and becoming a nuisance. This is where urbanization and nature conflict.
6. City Policies
The city explored many options and policies when we address the prairie dog issue in Sparksville. The first option was limiting ranch land and rezoning. This option was not viable and did not address the over population of the prairie dog. This also would promote overgrazing and cause more harm to the environment. Merging ranch and preserve land would allow us to implement a deferred grazing policy. Removal of excess prairie dogs would be a short term solution, but would work long term without the reintroduction of predator species.
7. Challenges faced
Before we made our decision on restoring the ecosystem we had
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