The Issue Of Violence Against Women

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‘Will it be believed, a hundred years hence that such a state of things existed.’ (Lawson, 1891) These are the words of Louisa Lawson speaking out about the criminal abuse inflicted onto women within their own homes. Sadly, over one hundred years on, violence perpetuated onto women unfortunately continues to exist; causing for women and children in our advanced society to continue living in fear within their own homes. For some, this violence may ultimately lead to their death.

There are numerous factors and reasons as to why violence against women is still an issue in modern society; more specifically, within Australia. Including the Australian government, many nations’ governments are currently working through how this concerning issue can be prevented. For this particular project, the aim to research these key ideas, thus concluding what ways the issue of violence against women can be prevented in Australia.

2. What constitutes as violence against women:
Firstly, in order to be able to prevent violence against women in Australia, it is crucial that we are able to understand what it really is. Oxford’s online dictionary defines violence as behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. However, numerous sources used for research explained that that violence against women cannot necessarily be defined as physical abuse, but can also be constituted as physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual and financial abuse.
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