The Issue Of Welfare And Welfare

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Have you ever dreamed about not having to work anymore? Every working class citizen has surely thought about the one day that they will retire and hope that they never have to work again a day in their life. There is a small problem with this; People are getting paid right now to do nothing with the money that would normally be given to someone who has retired and earned a social security payment. This is essentially what welfare is. Welfare comes in all different shapes and sizes but its main focus is to take money from taxes and hand it out to the people who need it. Now welfare as a whole is a very understandable system and is very helpful to those who fall out of work and need a little help to sustain themselves while they get back on…show more content…
The problems with welfare started just then; every state had small differences within their welfare system and continue to today. Along with each states separate policies and procedures about welfare comes their assortment of qualifications. Many states have similar qualifications when it comes to their varied programs. However great and helpful these programs might be (or are thought to be), the qualifications are very easy to meet for people who are both willing and unwilling to work and sometimes too hard to meet for people who generally do need a little extra help. For example, in most states in the U.S. you can make up to one thousand dollars per month and still receive welfare assistance (stats). And the assistance only increases from there. Convicted criminals who have done their time in prison are also eligible for welfare. On the contrary, once you meet the limit for income you are no longer eligible for welfare. What kind of sense does this make? The us welfare system can certainly make changes here and there to make this program more fair and accessible to even those who exceed the income minimum by just the slightest. The United States has one of the highest rates of single parents in the world (word press). A single parent has a very hard time raising their children alone. Welfare agencies have recognized this as a problem, but there is a catch. A single mother with two children can receive up to sixty
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