The Issue Of Worker 's Rights

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Worker’s rights are one of the hot issues debated in the United States today. It is also a very important issue to me personally. I’m employed currently as a Business Representative for
Teamsters Local 117, so fighting for worker’s rights is part of what I do on a daily basis. Our
Union does not only fight for the rights of Union members but for all workers and we have played a huge part of the $15 per hour campaigns that have been won in the state of
Washington. Everyone deserves a living wage; workers should be able to have full time employment and make wages that allow them to live without government assistance.
The current goal for this minimum wage movement in this country is for a $15 per hour national minimum wage. Of course business owners, corporations, and the ultra-rich oppose this increase for workers, but what is surprising is how many middle class and low income workers are against it. Most of the reasons are because they don’t think someone who “flips burgers” should not make close to what they are making with a college degree. I disagree with that whole heartedly. We need to raise the floor to raise the ceiling. All full time workers regardless of what that job entails should be able to support themselves and their family without assistance from the tax payers. For a full time employee who works 40 hours per week that is an annual income of $31,200. The threshold for the WIC program in Washington State for a family of three is $37,167. That means a single…

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