The Issue Of Workplace Inequality

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There are many origins to the issue of workplace inequality. Across the world, women are getting paid less and less. The gender wage gap now stands at an average of 22 cents between genders. It is common knowledge that women were often not allowed to work in the past, and if they did they didn’t have the best jobs. With women increasing their education and work experience, it shouldn’t still be an issue. On average, a woman who goes to the same college, gets the same job, and has the same amount of know-how a man does, will get paid 78 cents for every dollar made by the male counterparts.

The gender wage gap is real and women are still getting paid an average of 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. With both genders doing the same amount of work, I believe they should get paid the same amount of money. This has been an issue for a long time, and with society reinforcing that women are “weaker” and aren’t capable of doing the same things men can, it makes sense to see why there hasn’t been much of a drastic change. It is important to find a solution for this, as four out of ten families depend on the income of a single parent. Pay equity. That’s the goal our group is ultimately striving for. We want to see women earning the same dollar that men are.
All around the world there are different gaps in pay between genders, some sizable and some minimal. The country with the largest wage gap is Iran, where women earn 17 cents for every one dollar made by a man.
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