The Issue Regarding The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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The issue regarding the Syrian refugee crisis is an ongoing hot topic that has been going on throughout the past couple of years. With the war going on in Syria since 2011, there has been an influx of refugees all throughout the world. Many Syrians immigrate to neighboring countries like Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon, while others are extending all the way to Europe. In addition, it is clear that the corruption of the war-torn country is becoming unbearable and with the refugee numbers rising, the international community will have to address the problem since many refugees find safety in countries around the world. However, even though there is clearly a problem that concerns the world, there are two sides of the argument. Some believe that we have the moral duty to aid to these people since they are escaping horrid conditions. On the other hand, others believe that the influx in refugees arriving to their country would devastate their economies and deplete their resources like medical care, schooling, and food. So, is the international community morally obligated to help the victims of war torn Syria, who are just looking for a safer and better socio-economic opportunity? As an international community, it is our moral duty to allow these refugees to come into our countries. Yes, they do consume our resources and it does cost money to accommodate such a large number. However, they are human beings that have human worth, and because of this, we owe them moral treatment during
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