The Issue of Biodiversity Conservation

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Around the world large numbers of species are threatened with extinction due to the degradation of ecosystems and widespread deforestation for industrial purposes. The resources available for biodiversity conservation to protect all the endangered species are unfortunately inadequate (Myers 1996). It is therefore paramount to use these resources in the most effective ways possible. This literature review will focus on evaluating existing biodiversity budgets and the effectiveness of various investment approaches used in biodiversity conservation programs.
The issue of Biodiversity Conservation
Funds available for biodiversity conservation are not able to cover and assist conservation projects for all species under threat. It is estimated that 44% of plants and 35% of animals are concentrated in just 25 focal regions, which represent only 1.4% of the land surface on Earth (Myers 2000). A study by Rands et al. shows that biodiversity is crucial for the optimal functioning of ecosystems and to ensure the sustainable supply of ecosystem services. The planet is undergoing a continuous and increasing loss of biodiversity, and national and international institutions are implementing various projects around the world in order to prevent further losses. The lack of adequate funding, especially in developing nations, is becoming a major concern, due to the fact that biodiversity loss is even greater in these areas (Rands et al. 2010).

Biodiversity Conservation Budgets
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