The Issue of Climate Change

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According to Johnson (2010), the issue of climate change has been hotly debated from two main viewpoints: that global warming has resulted from human activity on the one hand; and that it is a myth resulting from flawed research and unverified scientific findings. Those who hold the former view accuse those of the latter persuasion that they are concerned more with perpetuating the fossil fuel industry than creating a safe environment for future human generations. The other side, in turn, are of the opinion that the public is far too susceptible to believe whatever they are told as soon as the scientific label is placed on it. Because of these two widely divergent opinions, the issue has been shrouded in uncertainty for many, with a third group believing that global warming does exist, but that human activity is not necessarily the main culprit. This opinion holds that natural events such as volcanic activity creates far more heat and greenhouse effects than human activity could hope to achieve. Hence, this group holds that there is little that can be done about what is essentially a natural process. In my view, global warming is an issue that should be taken seriously. When considering the way in which politicians and those in power abuse their resources for their own personal gain, I am rather inclined to believe the group accusing them of creating the "myth" idea deliberately to perpetuate an industry that has paid them well. Indeed, if I myself were a person of power
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