The Issue of Cyberbullying

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Cyber bullying A Criminal Offense Introduction Should cyberbullying be considered a crime? What are the punishments for cyberbullying? What kinds of behaviors are categorized as cyberbullying? This paper reviews those issues and provides supporting literature. Thesis: Cyberbullying has become far more than a nuisance and a distraction in public schools and hence strict rules should be enacted to deter cyberbullying. When a state legislature passes a criminal law in order to dissuade students from cyberbullying and it passes through the court system as not having violated First Amendment rights offenders should be punished to the greatest extend of the law. What is Cyberbullying? The U.S. Office of Justice has produced a fact sheet on cyberbullying which points out that while digital technology "…allows all of us immediate access to information," which provides many positives for individuals. But the digital revolution has also "…provided some people with the means to exploit the innocent, commit crimes…" and in fact this technology offers an avenue for bullying that usually takes place in hallways and on playgrounds in schools to enter cyberspace ( Cyberbullying takes place on the Internet, through the use of cell phones, social media and video game systems; the intent is to either embarrass or emotionally hurt another person, the Office of Justice explains. The Office of Justice reports that about twenty percent of teens had a cyberbully
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