The Issue of Cyberbullying and Increasing Suicides

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Almost 50% of all Americans have experienced some form of bully at various some point in their lives, be it taunting within the school compound, or mockery on the playground, or attacking in the hallways, bullying characterized the growing years of all generations of children. Not often did educators, legislators, or parents think of intervening (Duper 8). This resulted to the vice perceived as a rite of passage. Nevertheless, times have changed. Educational institutions have collaborated in coming up with measures to control the vice that threatens the future of intellectuals. Cyber bullying is the new shape of bullying. The growth of information and communication technology has contributed to its growth. Cyber bullying occurs through sending of images or posts through cell phones and the internet. The aim is to hurt or embarrass the victim. Inclusive in this definition are actions of deception like posing as the casualty in an embarrassing manner, revealing confidential information, spreading rumors to chat groups to limits like death threats (Green 25). This paper discusses the nature and form of cyber bullying, as well as using a case study (Megan Meier) to demonstrate the evil consequences of cyber bullying. Megan Meier suffered from low self-esteem and was on therapy at the time of her fateful demise. However, her family insisted that she was waiting for her 14th birthday expectantly. Things changed when she met with a handsome boy on a social networking site known
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