The Issue of Ethical Treatment of Animals

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Animal Rights Introduction The issue of ethical treatment of animals has been a subject of discussion for many years and among many scholars. It has raised legal issues especially among the animal care specialists and bodies trying to ensure that there is a standard way of treating animals. Whether the animals are pets or are for food later on, there has been a growing need for the ethical treatment of them all. This is an issue that disturbs many Americans, me included since it is unethical to mistreat animals yet they have senses just like man does. Although we always talk of the human rights, rarely will one hear people discuss the animal rights, yet these are things that we coexist with and depend upon for our daily survival. The animal rights are actually easier to provide than even the human rights yet they are the most ignored of them all. Animals don't demand as much as he human rights, it is the essential things that we al are acquainted with like the ability to treat the animal well, avail sufficient sleeping space, proper feeding and protecting them from harm from both things that can be found within the environment and ourselves. The animal tortures or mistreatment is widely varied, ranging from confinement in small pens and houses, excessive loading in the case of donkeys and horses, use of whips and other sharp objects on the animals, ruthless killings like suffocation, unethical use in testing elements like shampoos, cleaning detergents, hair sprays
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