The Issue of Gay Marriages

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Gay marriage has come to be a pressing topic in the contemporary society as more and more individuals get actively involved in discussing it. Individuals who oppose same-sex marriage are typically inclined to bring on a deontological argument or to say that legalizing the act might bring on other issues. In contrast, people who support gay marriages focus on matters related to human rights and justice. The arguments generated by each of the sides are certainly thought-provoking and it is very difficult for someone to get involved in the debate and actually pick a side concerning the matter.
Deontologists lobby with regard to how gay marriages are against most values that society is currently interested in promoting. Christian deontologists are particularly concerned about the issue of legalizing gay marriages as they believe that this would be in disagreement with basic laws in their religion. From their perspective, a relationship needs to be natural and needs to occur between a man and a woman. This position is called physicalism and it involves individuals fighting with the purpose of preserving and promoting natural behavior as seen from a biological point of view.
People are used to having a strict understanding of laws and society is largely based on a series of legislations that keeps its members from getting actively involved in activities that would be considered wrong from a social perspective. The argument for same-sex marriage is often regarded as being

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