The Issue of Palestinian Refugees' Right of Return

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The Issue of 'Right of Return' of the Palestinian Refugees The problem is that Israelis and Palestinians are divided over the more than 4 million Palestinian refugees who insist on returning to the homes that they lost during the 1948 and later during the 6-Day War in 1967. Palestinians claim that these were their homes and they have a right to return to them Israelis, on the other hand, generally, find the idea of such an exponential return of Palestinians to the heart of Israel frightening since it may override the ratio of balance of Palestinians to Israelis as well as importing possible terrorism (e.g. Quandt, 2005) The refuge problem first initiated with the 1948 War Which Israelis dub the War of Independence and Palestinians call the Nakba when some 700,000 Arab residents (85%) left their home, some voluntarily, others forced, finding refuge in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Gaza Strip, which was then administered by Egypt. Others were left homeless in Israel. (Brynen, 2007) whilst the Six-Day War caused a further flight of 280,000 to 325,000 Palestinians from Israeli won territory. The Oslo Accords in 1993, negotiated by the EU, Israel, and the US, recognized a Palestinian state under the Fatah party (led by Yasser Arafat) and established that the Palestinian refugees would be controlled by this rule. They also planned to solve the refugee problem (largely by monetary compensation) by 1996. Unrest and terrorism, as well as internal conflict on the solution,
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