The Issue of Polypharmacy: Implementing the Nine-Month Quality Improvement Plan

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Introduction It is very important to remember that a health care system is comprised of many parts and members, all having an important role in the function of its evolution. Healing is much more welcomed and prevalent in a system that performs in a balanced and effective way. The purpose of this essay is to incorporate key points about team quality improvement as it relates to my specific nine-month quality improvement plan. This essay will first give some background information about the plan before explaining how specific management techniques may be employed to ensure a smooth and successful health care organization. The essay will also include potential issues that might arrive during this process.
The nine-month quality improvement plan I have selected deals with the issue of polypharmacy and how mixing medications are related to dangerous falls for elderly persons. The nursing indicator of falls, describes the specific trait that is negatively affecting the health care status of the target population. The desired outcome of this plan is to significantly reduce the number of medications a patient may be taking in order to decrease the cause of these dangerous and often life threatening falls. Contributing to this problem is the issue of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics which complicates the biological processing of the medicines and commonly more seriously in elderly patients.
The members of the team for this project includes differing

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