The Issue of Teen Pregnancy

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Despite the widespread sex education and peer counseling and guidance, there still is a wide prevalence of teen pregnancy, a challenge that does not only affect the teenagers but the society at large.
Effects of teen pregnancy
The aspect of teen pregnancy is one of the most challenging situations to be in as a young person as it could interrupt flow of school activities in their lives and other plans. It can also result into an emotional crisis as the teenager will feel ashamed of themselves and get into fear and if not controlled they may be subdued by the pressure from the daily environment. The stress of breaking the news to the parent may be overwhelming and the steps towards getting help may be difficult and futile (Adoption Media, 2012).
America Teen pregnancy rate
There are therefore various factors that must be taken into consideration when talking about teen pregnancy. There are a few facts that Opposing Views (2012) present that need to be looked at keenly in order to understand the position that the USA is at when it comes to teen pregnancy. It is indicated therein that the USA stand at the top of the list for teen pregnancy among the industrialized world peers.

It is estimated that one third of the girls in the USA will get pregnant before they are 20 years of age. It is also estimated that there are 750,000 cases of…
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