The Issue of Transnational Aid Intervention

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The issue of transnational aid intervention has become a worldwide topic for debate regarding its role in ethics and legitimacy in international relations. Historically, international aid had been provided by developed worlds governments. However, aid provided by the developed world became problematic because of international treaties, violation of state sovereignty, and the spread of capitalist enterprises (Willetts). In addition to, many of the developing world leaders, consider the concept of aid intervention to be potentially threatening and an excuse for more powerful nations to undermine and threaten their state sovereignty through a change in the nations economic and social discourses (Willetts). In an attempt to counterbalance this predicament, institutions known as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were formed to emphasize humanitarian issues, developmental aid and sustainable development (Willetts). An NGO is defined as a citizen-based association that operates independently of government, usually to deliver resources or serve some social or political purpose (Willetts 1). Currently, NGOs play a crucial role in providing mechanisms which enhance global human progress. To understand the work of NGOs one must know the history of humanitarian aid and developmental assistance. History of Humanitarian Aid and Developmental Assistance Humanitarian aid is defined as physical resources and or logistical assistance intended to save lives, alleviate suffering, and
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