The Issue of Xenophobia and How it Leads to Violence

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The shocking and outrageous xenophobia, which is an irrational fear or hatred of foreigners, has hit South Africa. I want to discuss this terrible behaviour with you today because I believe it is important that people should know about the issue of xenophobia and how it leads to violence and racism amongst the people within South Africa, as well as the effects it has on South Africa and its people as a whole.

I also believe that if people are more aware of this situation, they can educate others and try finding a solution to decrease and possibly prevent the issue of xenophobia.

Following the 1994 elections, when South Africa became a democratic country, the fear of xenophobia increased and is still continuing today. In May 2008,
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If these factors are not dealt with additional problems will arise and worsen making the situation more difficult to prevent. Foreigners are forced to live in cities, struggling to pay high rental costs for housing. Many refugees will be unable to receive treatment from public hospitals because they are ignored and differentiated from South African citizens owning to the fact of what document they convey.
Picture yourself in their shoes being looked down on and seen as if you worth nothing in life. So stop and think about how if the government and us fellow South Africans continue to allow these attacks to happen the situation of this issue will only get worse as more problems will develop.
However, you can find a solution to help solve these problems and the issue of xenophobia. Think about how you can make a difference and putting a smile on someone’s face. So start encouraging others to help solve and prevent xenophobic attacks from occurring. Things must be done to acknowledging the causes of violence against foreigners, the xenophobic approach within South African communities and stop this aggression towards foreigners. The government and us as South Africans can make a difference by helping and working with the banished communities to help certify that the humanitarian needs of the refugees are met and respond with positive action to their needs. If xenophobia is not handled properly it could lead to serious consequences
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