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In England, there are various laws that operates, however, the very basic law that rules every individual and organization is the Contract law. Every individual or organization enters into contracts everyday in one form or another. In order to formulate any contract, whether it is oral, written, distance, online, consumer etc., there are few essentials which must necessary be catered with. Such essentials are called contract essentials or requirements and these are OFFER AND ACCEPTANCE, INTENTION, CONSIDERATION and CAPACITY.
In the present assignment, a case study has been provided which deals with the elements of contract. The main issue as per the factual scenario provided is whether there is a valid establishment of
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These are:
i) Offer; ii) Counter-offer; iii) Request of information; iv) The postal rule will apply or not;
v) Lapse of time.

All the four are analysed separately.

In contract, an offer is the communication of the intention to be in contractual relation by offeror to offeree. The person communicating the offer can do the same either in written form or through oral communication. The case law of Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1891) explains the concept of offer and stated that whenever the offer is made to the world at large then the person who acts on the same and performs the requisite of the offer is said to have accepted the same.
However, every communication is not an offer as the goods displayed in the self-service shop with price tag or an advertised or tenders or auctions does not constitute an offer as the same is known as the invitation to treat. In case of invitation to treat, a person invites offers from prospective buyers and it is upon such person to accept the offers or reject them. The case law of Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd (1953) submits that advertisement does not constitutes an offer rather it is an invitation to treat. (Heffey. (1998).
Considering the facts of the case,
Issue 1:
Ronald saw an advertisement placed by Dealer through which the Dealer advertised that 4 second hand canoes are for sale @ £3000

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