The Issues And Facts Of Coffee Industry

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The issues and facts of Coffee industry
Instant coffee is as the main market of the coffee industry in addition to coffee hall, the coffee industry can be divided into 3 types, one is mainly to coffee hall, for example: Starbucks, Costa and etc; second is a set pattern generation of meal of coffee, for example: the Island, Babylon; the third is the theme coffee hall, for example: Turandot and Carving.
The global instant coffee market share is occupied 70% by Nestle. Through puerile way, Nestle achieves a global coffee market enlightenment and the rapid popularization, causing a high degree of monopoly and the lack of sufficient competitive market situation. The high-end market is the lack of impressive brand, its fast, low prices are
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Brand building is absolutely crucial things for Coffee chain enterprises and Coffee stores. Coffee and coffee shops is not a "food" level, but a set of mental, emotional, personality, cultural and psychological products. Therefore, the coffee and coffee shop coffee franchise chain enterprise brand should be a kind of built on top of these factors of the brand. Nowadays, coffee has attracted people in different countries and areas with its unique glamour. It not only has a rich flavor and buttery texture but also unique efficacy. It has become one of the most popular drinks in the world. As a result, coffee has a large market potential. Now, there are a lot of coffee company in this world. In this part, it will introduce three representative companies from some issues and facts about them. From the introduction about them, readers can understand the current condition of coffee industry in this world.
Today, Starbucks owns many other kinds of products except coffee, such as tea, coffee ice cream and other desserts. Besides, Starbucks begins to offer online service so that customers can book on the internet. With more and more people prefer to drink coffee. In addition, some retail stores of Starbucks sell CDs to customers to improve profits. With more and more people begin to know coffee culture, Starbucks is developing rapidly. In February 2014,
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