The Issues Associated With Abortion

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Abortion The Problems associated with abortion can easily be categorized into five facets, The laws concerning abortion, contraceptives, human rights, philosophy and the start of life. Based on both statistics and claims associated with morality, a large amount of views regarding legal restriction on abortion has become crucial to most Americans. Advocacy groups define their stance on abortion by taking into consideration its constitutionality and the moral views that are shared among them, politicians however define the issue by party lines, generally liberals are “pro-choice” and conservatives are “pro-life.” The media defines the issue by taking into consideration the moral aspects, The media mostly presents to the nation the stances of various pro-life and pro-choice organizations with almost no statistical evidence from either side. The many different positions that can be taken on this issue can be divided by positions that are supported by statistic and moral assumptions. However, the all these different viewpoint are largely focused on new laws tailored to the regulation of abortion.

Abortions have been around for thousands of years. In the 1800’s abortions in the United States became illegal because of the unsafe position women were forced to endure due to poor medical knowledge. As medicine advanced and conditions became safer for women the act of abortion remained illegal leading women to rely on back ally abortions which were extremely unsafe. The American
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