The Issues Faced By Immigration

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Source 1 mentions Canada as the world’s 11th largest economy but with a large percentage of its population being comprised of immigrants. However, due to a declining workforce and a lack of skilled workers, more immigrants are urgently needed. David Olive, author of this source in The Toronto Star, believes that Canada needs to be more welcoming to immigrants for the sake of the economy. Compared to Canadian natives, immigrants face a plethora of problems in regards to finding jobs. “In Canada there is a stubborn gap between skilled first-generation immigrants and the general population when it comes to being able to secure employment, decent housing and adequate pay”. Potential immigrants often opt out of immigration because to them it isn’t worth it if they have to take lower paying jobs that aren’t in their original field of work. Immigrants often convey these struggles and challenges to their home country consequently discouraging other potential immigrants. “Solving the issues immigrants currently confront is thus integral to the long-term prosperity of Canada’s economy”. The source recommends fast-tracking credentials while the immigrant is in their home country as well as allowing temporary foreign workers and international students (who have graduated from Canada) to have a quicker way to permanent residence. Through this source, David Olive is ultimately trying to say that “for Canada’s economy to stay competitive, we must help immigrants arrive here, and make their
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